KIUC’s electric generation fleet is capable of producing up to 235.9 megawatts (MW) of electricity with all conventional and renewable generation sources combined. The average on KIUC’s system is about 50 megawatts. The cooperative is committed to making energy more affordable by reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and increasing its use of renewable energy sources. KIUC’s strategic plan calls for generating 70 percent of its power from renewables by 2030.

Generation Assets

  Location Fuel Capacity
KIUC Port Allen Fossil 83.0 MW
  Kapaia Fossil 27.5 MW
  Waiahi Hydro 1.5 MW
  KRS1 (Anahola) Solar 12.0 MW
  KRS 2 (Koloa) Solar 12.0 MW
Mahipapa Koloa Wood 6.7 MW
McBryde Resources Wainiha Hydro 4.0 MW
  Kalaheo Hydro 2.0 MW
  Port Allen Solar 6.0 MW
Dominion Solar / Tesla Kapaia Solar 13.0 MW
  Kapaia BESS 13.0 MW / 52.0 MWh
AES Lawai Solar 20.0 MW
  Lawai BESS 20.0 MW / 100.0 MWh
  PMRF Solar 14.0 MW
  PMRF BESS 14.0 MW / 70.0 MWh
Gay & Robinson Kaumakani Hydro 7.25 MW
ADC Waiawa Hydro  0.5 MW
  Waimea Hydro 1.0 MW
Independent Power Producer Kapaa Solar 1.0 MW