Maintain Clearance From Electrical Equipment

The green metal, box-shaped transformer is not a safe place to play or sit! No one should stand on, sit on, try to open, or play around these green boxes. There is hazardous voltage inside that may shock, burn, or cause death. Do not plant shrubs or trees, or put fences or other structures around this equipment. Maintain 10 feet of clearance on the front side and 3 feet on all other sides.

Do not plant trees under or near overhead electrical lines. Maintain at least a 10-foot distance between trees and electrical lines. More space may be needed depending on the type of tree you are planting. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain trees so that they do not impact electrical lines. Proper planting will save you money and keep you safe!

Stay clear from downed lines, call 911! 

If you encounter a downed line, always assume it's energized. Stay clear and call 911! 

If you have an accident involving a power pole, stay in the car until first responders tell you it’s safe to exit. If you must leave (for instance, if your vehicle is on fire), hop with your feet together until you are clear from the vehicle, and be careful not to touch any metal to prevent being shocked or dying. 

Call Before You Dig

Before you begin any digging like planting trees and shrubs, or installing fencing or mailboxes, call the Hawaii One Call Center at 811 or 1.866.423.7287 five working days before you dig. 

There may be energized underground lines that you may come in contact with while digging, which could cause serious injury, burns and death. 

Don't Post on Poles! 

It's a safety hazard to post signs on poles. Keep utility poles free of tacks, nails, signs, balloons and other debris, which can tear lineworkers’ protective clothing, increasing their risk of electric shock, other serious injuries or death.

Working Around Powerlines 

Know your surroundings - look up and watch out while picking fruits or pruning trees if they're close to the utility lines. Keep ladders, antennas, tools, shovels, brooms, and other equipment more than 10 feet away from powerlines to prevent being shocked or death! 

Plant responsibly - about half of our outages are caused by trees on the lines. If you're planting trees be aware of overhead lines that trees could grow into and cause outages. 

Slow Down In the Cone Zone

Please respect our linemen and keep a safe distance while they're working and don't cross or move any barriers or cones they put out. These barriers are meant to keep you and them safe! 

When approaching utility workers on the side of the road, move over and slow down.