KIUC renewables

KIUC is making significant progress toward its goal of using renewable resources to generate 100 percent of Kauai’s power by 2033. Review KIUC's most current Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) report to the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission here

Renewable generation on Kauai

Active In Use

KIUC, Koloa Solar 12.0 MW
KIUC, Anahola Solar 12.0 MW
Mahipapa Biomass 6.7 MW
McBryde, Port Allen Solar 6.0 MW
McBryde, Wainiha/Kalaheo Hydro 6.0 MW
KIUC, Waiahi Hydro 1.5 MW
Gay & Robinson, Olokele Hydro 7.3 MW
KAA, Waimea/Kekaha Hydro 1.5 MW
Kapaa Solar Solar 1.0 MW
Tesla Solar + Storage Solar 13.0 MW
AES Lawai Solar + Storage Solar 20.0 MW
AES PMRF Solar + Storage Solar 14.0 MW
MP2, Omao Solar 0.3 MW
Customer Solar Solar 46.4 MW

Under Development

West Kauai Energy Project Hydro 24.0 MW

KIUC has an innovative use for the GE LM2500 Gas Turbine Generator:
While in synchronous condenser mode, renewable energy from the grid keeps the turbine generator spinning, ensuring high reliability while operating the grid at 100% renewable energy on most sunny days without any fuel being consumed!