The KIUC Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 organization and is governed by a board of directors made up of community members, KIUC directors and KIUC employees. The foundation’s primary source of funding comes from unclaimed refunds that would have been turned over to the State for its use and from the Makana program; none of these funds come from KIUC assets.

The KIUC Charitable Foundation annually awards three $1,000 scholarships to Kaua‘i Community College students and since September 2008 the foundation has provided assistance for families in need with their electric bills through an agreement with Kaua‘i Economic Opportunity. The foundation has also made donations to other non-profits, such as Waipa Foundation, Kumu’s Cupboard, Leadership Kaua‘i, Kaua‘i Veteran’s Museum, Kaua‘i Academy of Creative Arts and Catholic Charities Hawaiʻi to assist in their efforts to help the residents of Kaua‘i.

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