In keeping with the Cooperative Principle “Commitment to Community” and in the Spirit of Aloha, the Sharing of Aloha program exists to assist various local nonprofit organizations that contribute to Kauai’s quality of living.

The Sharing of Aloha Committee meets the second Friday each month. Applications must be received by the first week of the month to be considered for that month. Once the application has been reviewed, the applicant will be notified of the results. Good luck on your work in the community!

Sharing of Aloha Application

Sharing of Aloha Policy

In keeping with the Cooperative Principle “Commitment to Community” and in the Spirit of Aloha, the Sharing of Aloha program exists to assist various local non-profit organizations that contribute to Kauai’s quality of living. 

A. Submit a completed application to the Sharing of Aloha Committee by specified deadlines (see attached Sharing of Aloha Grant Application Form).

B. Applicants may only submit one application per month, not to exceed three (3) applications per calendar year.

C. Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

D. Request for funds for an event that has already occurred must be submitted within sixty- (60) days of the event date.

E. Multiple applications received for the same organization within one calendar year may be denied. 

This list may not be all encompassing. The requesting organization must benefit the Island of Kauai’s people.

A. Recreational

B. Human Social Services

Organizations providing necessary human care services in the community are to be considered under the Human Services  category. Organizations of this type include:

  1. Senior Citizens groups
  2. Emergency service for food, clothing, shelter, etc.
  3. Youth care organizations
  4. Family counseling

C. Education

D. Health Organizations

E. Culture and Arts

F. Community Development

KIUC supported activities are diverse and may include some of the following:

  1. Environmental and ecological programs
  2. Housing and urban renewal projects
  3. Economic development

A. Organizations that seek to primarily benefit one individual or an individual’s family

B. Political organizations

C. Discriminatory organizations

D. Religious groups seeking funds primarily for religious purposes

E. Groups who are controversial to KIUC

F. Funds for parties, trophies, gifts, cash, and electric bill discounts or expenses, etc.

The annual budget figure for Sharing of Aloha is determined by KIUC during the business planning process. The Sharing of Aloha Committee administers the Sharing of Aloha budget.

Available funds are allocated equally over the 12 months. Any month-to-month surplus is equally allocated over the remaining months. The Committee should make reasonable efforts not to exceed the allocated funds for each month. 

A. Recreational groups – Up to $300

B. All others – Up to $1000

A. Number of members: Nine members who are representatives from various departments of KIUC 

B. Terms of membership: Two-year terms with a two consecutive term maximum

C. Quorum is five (5) members

D. Minimum attendance of seven (7) meetings per year is required for committee members; a committee member may be replaced should the minimum meeting attendance requirement not be met.