2025 Annual Calendar of Student Art Contest!

The program was designed in 2003 to inspire and promote young Kauai artists on the island. Our 2025 contest will continue to celebrate the arts and showcase each grade level’s student talent and will continue to only accept submissions electronically. It is our hope that participation in the contest will play a part in encouraging a lifelong love of art. We are looking for happy, uplifting pieces of artwork that match the month assigned to the grade. 

  • Kindergarten - Cover
  • 1st grade - January
  • 2nd grade - February
  • 3rd grade - March
  • 4th grade - April
  • 5th grade – May
  • 6th grade – June
  • 7th grade – July
  • 8th grade – August
  • 9th grade – September
  • 10th grade – October
  • 11th grade – November
  • 12th grade – December

Deadline: Tuesday, October 15, 2024

Any Kauai student attending any public or private school or schooled at home who is in kindergarten through grade 12. Students may enter as often as they wish.

Match the grade the student is in during the 2023-2024 school year to the corresponding month. Students are encouraged to draw or paint a picture that illustrates a connection to their assigned month. Kindergartners will draw the cover art depicting any subject or season. We are looking for happy, uplifting pieces of artwork that match the month assigned to the grade. 

Artwork will be judged on a number of factors including artistic merit and creativity.  How well the assigned month is depicted will be a contributing factor but may not be the deciding factor. Acceptable artwork includes still life, landscapes, portraits, etc.

All elements of the artwork (lines, paint, color, shapes, shading, highlights, etc.) must be the work of the student whose name appears on the back of the artwork.

No tracing.

All artwork must be original and not be copied from other copyrighted sources without substantial creative changes; renderings or other paintings or published photographs that are deemed to be too exact to the source will be disqualified.

Take a photo or scan your artwork to enter the contest. Digital images of artwork should be submitted as a high resolution .jpg, .eps, or PDF. High resolution images are typically at least 300 dpi images at 8.5 x 11". Images can be submitted in RGB, CMYK, or greyscale format.

The following information must be included with each submission: School Name, Student Name, Studentʻs Grade, Teacher and/or Parent/Guardian’s name, contact phone number and email address.

Artwork created digitally may be entered as long as rules on originality and copyrighted sources are followed. Resolution must be at least 600 dpi at 8x10 inches. Please contact contest officials for file format requirements and other details for digital submissions.
The name and school of each winning student will be printed in the calendar along with the student’s photograph. Photos of winning students will be requested after the winners are announced.

Artwork in the horizontal or landscape position best fits the calendar’s format. Artwork that is portrait oriented is discouraged.

A panel of judges will pick winners. Each calendar winner will receive $100. Artwork may be chosen as honorable mentions and will be printed in a special section of the calendar. Honorable mentions will receive $50. An overall “Artist of the Year” will be selected. The Artist of the Year will receive $100.

All reproduction rights become the property of KIUC.

KIUC will celebrate Calendar winners in December.

For more information, please contact Shelley Paik at 808.246.4378 or via email at info@kiuc.coop.

Thanks to those who participated! 

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