Commercial EV Charger Rebate

Get ready for the present and future of EV Charging! We encourage commercial members to install New or Retrofit existing Level II Multi-Port EV Chargers.

This commercial incentive program is designed to help you achieve sustainability goals, boost business, and keep customers and employees happy.

Chargers must be available for public use for a minimum of one year and have network capabilities. Qualifying rebates will be mailed to the applicant 6-8 weeks from the date approved.

Apply for a $5,000 New Level II Multi-Port EV Charger Rebate or $3,500 Retrofit Level II Multi‑Port EV Charger Rebate today!

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Eligibility Requirements

  1. Rebate applications must be submitted no later than ten months after EV Charger Installation is completed.

  2. Rebate incentives are limited to two eligible Multi-Port EV Charger rebates per member.

  3. Rebates are available to KIUC members only.

  4. Level II Multi-Port EV Charger(s) must be available for public use for a minimum of one year.

  5. A dedicated KIUC Standard Meter must be installed to monitor consumption.

  6. Rebates are available and limited to installation of a new Level II Multi-Port EV Charger or the retrofit of an existing EV Charger to a Level II Multi-Port EV Charger.

  7. Rebates are only offered to Commercial and Large Power Customers.

  8. Level II Chargers must have network capabilities through WiFi or cellular.

  9. Signage must be posted to designate EV Parking Stalls & must comply with all County, State & Federal Laws.

  10. Participation is based on a first-come, first-served basis, until annual funds are depleted.

  11. Chargers under this rebate are subject to visual verification. If you are selected for a field audit, you will be contacted by a KIUC Representative.

  12. KIUC reserves the right to discontinue and/or change the rebate levels without notice.

  13. Participants must submit a completed rebate application, along with copies of approved County permits, proof of purchase of a Level II Multi-Port Charger, and proof of installation to: KIUC ENERGY SERVICES, 4463 Pahee St., Suite 1, Lihue, HI 96766 or Email to

  14. Members qualifying for a rebate will be mailed a check to the above referenced mailing address within 6 to 8 weeks from the approval date

Hawaii Energy EV Charger Rebate

This is an additional rebate which can be combined with KIUC's rebate for a Level II Multi-Port Charger. Hawaii Energy offers rebates for $4,500 (New Level) and $3,000 (Retrofit Level) for a potential combined total of $9,500 (New Level) or $6,500 (Retrofit Level). For more information, visit Hawaii Energy EV Charging Stations.


Additional EV Resources

KauaiEV is a grassroots organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles on Kauai. Their website includes resources such as charging station locations and cost comparisons between EVs and conventional vehicles. 

Drive Electric Hawaii provides educational resources for individuals considering owning an electric vehicle. Follow DEH on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Hawaii State Energy Office website offers a number of resources for EV owners and potential buyers. 

Plug In America is a national non-profit organization advocating for the widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles utilizing clean energy. Visit their website for more information.