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The Makana program is the gift of giving to organizations in our community. Participating members agree to have their electric bill rounded up to the next highest dollar. For example, a consumer's monthly bill of $150.85 would be automatically rounded up to $151.00, with the additional $0.15 going to the program. Donations are tax deductible. A summary of yearly contributions will be reported to participating members on the December billing statement. 

All donations are placed in the KIUC Charitable Foundation administeered by an independent Board of Directors. The purpose of the foundation is to acquire, accumulate and disburse funds for charitable, scientific, education and public purposes to support our local community and organizations. 

If you are interested in participating, submit this form. If you have any questions, call 808.246.4300. 

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I hereby grant KIUC permission to round up my monthly billing to the nearest even-dollar amount or and the amount otherwise indicated above. I understand that I am required to pay the amount on time, based on the Terms and Conditions for Providing Electric Service. I understand KIUC will remove me from the program at my request if I no longer wish to participate.
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